2007 | Weeks 9-11

My aim is to see 100 films I’ve never seen before by the end of 2007. Simple concept, innit.

Week 8 seems to have been a high point so far, in terms of film viewing. I mean, I saw six films that week! Compared to an average of just over two films per week at the start and barely two per week now. So much for weekly entries, eh. But I’m not doing too badly — not yet a quarter of the way through the year and I’ve passed the quarter point in my total. There is hope yet!

For anyone keeping track, this period covers February 26th to March 18th. I didn’t see many films in week nine (the first, and only, was on Friday), or week ten (the first, and only new one, was on Wednesday), so I decided to put these three together. And here is what I saw…

#22 United 93

#23 Fargo

#24 The Reckless Moment

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