The New World (2005)

2007 #37
Terrence Malick | 130 mins | DVD | 12 / PG-13

The New WorldSlowly paced and beautifully photographed, this is about as far from Disney’s telling of the story (in Pocahontas, of course) as you could get. This is not a bad thing, as the pace and photography combine to make for a serene unravelling of story and mood.

It only begins to wear a little thin around the time Christian Bale’s character turns up — sticking to the facts of a story, and in the process damaging the film, is sadly a regular flaw in real-life tales such as this.

I also loved the sound design, imbued as it was with the small sounds of nature, all creaking timber and rustling grass.

4 out of 5

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