Casanova (2005)

2007 #44
Lasse Hallström | 107 mins | DVD | 12 / R

CasanovaAs expected, this film pales in comparison to the Russell T Davies-scripted, David Tennant-starring BBC production from the same year. Where that version is witty, clever, entertaining and actually does something with the characters, this film is silly, predictable and only occasionally graced with an amusing moment. Heath Ledger isn’t in the same league as Tennant as Casanova-in-his-prime, and obviously few could compare to Peter O’Toole as old Casanova (in the BBC one, that is).

Basically: avoid this, but be sure to see the BBC one.

(Additionally, it says a lot about America that the vague innuendo and sexual themes of this gained it an R rating over there, while in the UK it only managed a (much more appropriate) 12.)

2 out of 5

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