2007 | Weeks 19-20

In which I don’t see Spider-Man 3, because I don’t care enough to brave the huge opening weekend crowds (and it’s not meant to be very good anyway). Just one in a list of films I’ve missed at the cinema this year anyway (300, Sunshine, The Fountain, The Illusionist, Ghost Rider, Shooter, TMNT…), though I do intend to see it there soon. And Zodiac‘s out now too! And Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is surprisingly close! And…

Oh, summer. How you sequelise us. Now there’s a new word for you.

Also this month, I watch some stuff via free downloads — legal ones too! Check out LOVEFiLM for those, including proper features such as Super Size Me and The Cooler (as well as many more… if you pay). [2015 edit: LOVEFiLM streaming is, of course, now Amazon Instant Video.]

This time, I also came up with a way of listing Extended-Cuts-That-Aren’t-Much-Different without adversely affecting my numbering system. I’ll also use the same system to list short films that I watch.

As usual, before we embark on the reviews, I shall inform you that this period covers the middle of May, from the 7th to the 20th.

#49 March of the Penguins

#49a Spider-Man 2.1

#50 Ray

#51 Over the Hedge

#52 Hello, Dolly!

#52a-d Four short films

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