Point Break (1991)

2007 #87
Kathryn Bigelow | 117 mins | DVD | 18 / R

Point BreakJock-tastic ’80s-style surfing-based crime thriller. If you’ve seen Hot Fuzz you’ll know of this — it’s the one where Keanu Reeves lies on his back and empties his gun into the air while screaming “nooo!”

The first half hour is pretty dull, unless you like surfing or American football, but it picks up to some pretty decent action sequences in the middle (a foot chase through back gardens is especially worthy of note).

It’s nothing particularly remarkable, but if you can stomach the overlong sports sequences, the occasionally clichéd plot and Keanu Reeves’ acting, there are a few good things to be had here.

3 out of 5

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