2007 | Weeks 37-40

This entry we move right from the start of September on into October — under three months of the year left!

As I mentioned last time, my eight-day trip to New York has brought about the first multi-week entry in almost two months; couple that with moving in to a new place and all the associated sorting, plus having almost two weeks’ worth of TV to catch up on (and that taking up most of my viewing time), plus starting my final year at University, and this is a four-weeker. Actually, it’s pretty much a one-weekender — I didn’t watch a new film until Thursday 4th.

And so, following that ‘accidental’ almost-four-week break, I’m finally getting on with moving past the aim of 100 and into the grounds of “let’s see how far I can get”. This entry I make it to… well, read on and see for yourself.

It’s an all-action extravaganza this entry, with no less than four films with a distinctly violent centre. But don’t think it’s all the same, oh no no — between them they cover several continents, even more countries, and spread out from the ancient past to the distant (or, at least, alternate) future, via the present day of course. There are spears, swords, guns and fists causing pain left, right and centre… and a few more unusual objects too. If you thought “action movie” meant endless bullets and slow motion… well, it does tend to involve at least one of those… but still, have a look and see that there is room for some variety.

We begin with what will likely be the first in an on/off series I like to call “Films From This Year That I Missed At The Cinema And Am Finally Seeing When They Hit DVD”… though this one’s technically from 2006. But it didn’t arrive over here until March 2007, so, y’know, it still counts.

#101 300

#102 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

#103 Transporter 2

#104 Miracles

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