2007 | Weeks 41-42

Ah, University! Work has now fully returned to interrupt all the lazing around and film-viewing I so enjoyed before; of course, studying a film module does mean there’s a guaranteed one or two new films every week, and probably quite unusual ones too. “Hurrah,” cries the statistics! “Ooh,” cries… erm… anyone who likes more unusual choices…

I do feel a tad arty this week, actually. Of the six films listed below, two are French, one German, one Japanese, two are shorts, and five are between 77 and 94 years old. That’s two weeks at the start of a University film module for you!

We begin with the two oldest of all those, both made 94 years ago. That’s no guarantee of anything, mind… well, except no spoken dialogue.

#105 Fantômas: Juve Versus Fantômas

#106 Traffic in Souls

#107 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

#108 Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

#108a À propos de Nice

#108b Skyscraper Symphony

#109 The Paleface

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