The movies everybody’s seen but you

I Check MoviesI may have mentioned before, but in case not, it’s a fun (if you’re someone like me) site where you can tick off movies you’ve seen. I guess that’s in the name. It started out wholly based around “best ever” lists but has since widened to include all movies (and much TV). The focus remains on completing / seeing how well you’re doing on various lists, it’s just now you can tick anything — which is handier in my opinion, especially as some titles have a tendency to yo-yo on and off lists.

Anyway, one of the lists they have — amongst the usual suspects like the IMDb Top 250 and They Shoot Pictures’ Top 1000 and the Empire 500 — is the iCheckMovies Most Checked. It does what it says on the tin: these are the movies checked by the most people. These are the movies everybody’s seen.

Most CheckedOf course, being a website, the user-base skews younger, and that’s reflected in the list: the top 10 spans 1994 to 2008. Widen that to the top 25 and you can only add two films from the ’80s and one from the ’70s — and two of those are Star Wars. Of the whole 250 included there’s only ten from before 1970, and six of those are Disneys. Kids today, eh?

Even if it does only reflect what a certain demographic have seen, it’s still fun (if you’re someone like me) to see what films everyone’s seen except you. So in that spirit, here are the top ten films everyone else has seen that I haven’t (with their current place on the overall list in brackets).

10) Requiem for a Dream (#98)Unseen
9) Amelie (#94)
8) The Big Lebowski (#89)
7) The Hangover (#87)
6) District 9 (#83)
5) A Clockwork Orange (#82)
4) Bruce Almighty (#80)
3) The Shining (#62)
2) Braveheart (#53)
1) Up (#39)

And I own six of those too.

Do feel free to go find out what you’re a social pariah for missing out on here. Report back in the comments, if you like.

UPDATE (25/7/2012)

It’s been over a year since I first posted this, and in that time a few things have shifted around on this list. I thought I may as well offer an update.

In terms of the top most-ticked movies (the tiny picture on the left — you can see it at a legible size here), The Dark Knight remains #1, The Matrix has dropped to #5, Forrest Gump has taken its place at #2, Fellowship of the Ring has dropped to #7, The Lion King has moved up to #3, Toy Story has moved up to #4, and Finding Nemo comes in at #6.

In terms of my unseen films (deep breath, this’ll get long…)

  • Up is still first, but is now #24 overall (up 13 places);
  • Braveheart is now fourth, down 16 places to #69;
  • The Shining is still third, but has risen seven places to #55;
  • Bruce Almighty has tumbled to seventh, but only down five places to #85;
  • A Clockwork Orange and District 9 swap places, to sixth and fifth respectively. The Kubrick changes one place to #83, while Blomkamp’s South African sci-fi rises five to #78;
  • The Hangover is the big grower, now second and risen a massive 35 spots to #62;
  • The Big Lebowski remains eighth, slipping a slight three places to #92;
  • Amelie drops to tenth, and eight spots to #102;
  • Requiem for a Dream is the only one to leave the top ten completely — it’s now twelfth, falling nine spots to #107;
  • and its replacement is A Bug’s Life, in ninth. No idea where that was 14 months ago.

And what can we learn from this? Not much, really. But thanks to general rearrangements I’ve clearly seen more well-seen films than I had before: whereas my #10 used to be #98, it’s now #102; so whereas I had only seen 90 of the top 100, now I’ve seen… 91. Well, every little helps.

What I can also see is I’ve not watched a single one of these in the last 14 months, despite now owning seven — if you include A Bug’s Life, eight. Story of my life…

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