Audrey Hepburn, er, ‘Week’…

Audrey HepburnFollowing Valentine’s Day — yes, I’m talking about way back in February — Channel 4 attempted a week of Audrey Hepburn films. Except for some reason they didn’t schedule one for Monday. And then Friday’s, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was replaced by delayed horse racing. And for my part, I forgot to record Thursday’s film, Funny Face.

So following Valentine’s Day, Channel 4 showed a pair of Audrey Hepburn films (that I saw). One of those I posted a while ago — it was Roman Holiday — but I’ve caught Funny Face since, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the racing-motivated repeat, so I’ve actually wound up with three Hepburn reviews to post. None are particularly long, so here they all are:

Then there’s Humphrey Bogart… At least his character is pretending to fall for [Hepburn] in order to get her away from his wastrel brother. But it actually feels very mean-spirited — Sabrina is likeable enough that we dislike his machinations. Which means that there’s no truly supportable lead character. Read more…

a surfeit of excellent humour, choreography, cinematography, light satire of both the fashion world and the intellectual world… Indeed, dishing out said satire in both directions means the film never comes across as either snobbish or anti-intellectual… it takes fair jibes at both equally. Read more…

this version is certainly more Hollywoodised. Some hate it, and I can see their point… but it is fun, and it’s plain to see why men and women alike have fallen for Hepburn’s Golightly. A more sordid adaptation of the book might be interesting, but that doesn’t negate the unique qualities of the film. Read more…

Pair this lot up with Roman Holiday and you can see plenty of connections, overlaps, similarities and juxtapositions between Hepburn’s roles… few of which I’ve drawn out in this set of reviews. Plenty of actors play the same character with tiny variations in multiple films; while Hepburn’s parts may not be poles apart (especially if you take Tiffany’s out of the equation), I’m sure the dedicated might find some interesting points to observe.

3 thoughts on “Audrey Hepburn, er, ‘Week’…

  1. I like Hepburn. The persona appeals to me whatever role she happens to play. Sabrina is a film I want to like more than I do, and also one I like more than common sense tells me I should. There are loads of flaws to be found and it’s one of the weaker efforts by Wilder. Still and all, there is a great cast even if the characterizations don’t quite work. And it’s a Billy Wilder film.

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s has always had a special place in my heart and none of the, perfectly legitimate, criticisms which have been leveled at it will change that.

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    • She certainly has a kind of charisma, which seems to transcend individual films.

      Both of those I need to view again at some point. I sometimes think I was a little harsh on Sabrina so it’s worth another shot; and while I very much enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I watched it soon after reading the novel. I always think adaptations of books one’s read benefit from, a) at least a second viewing, and b) distance.


      • I agree – adaptations tend to disappoint when viewed too close to a reading of the source material. I’ve never read Capote’s novel so the criticisms some make in relation to the changes don’t bother me.

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