LAMBing Live

The Large Association of Movie Blogs — who have the eternally witty URL, but are more commonly known as the LAMB — kindly entered me into their ranks earlier this week.

I am LAMB #1635, meaning I now have around 1,634 other friendly film blogs to go and check out. With my can-do attitude and ceaseless devotion to getting things done, I’m sure that will happen forthwith. (Shh, don’t tell them the truth, regular readers!)

If you don’t know about the LAMB, they have a handy-dandy FAQ here. You can read my application/introduction/whatever here.

Right, I ought to go ingratiate myself in some other way(s). Or I could just sit in the corner coughing my throat raw while my nose significantly bolsters Kleenex’s yearly profits, like I have been all week. Yeah, it’s gonna be that one.

(Incidentally, for those not versed in the wonders of three-years-old British early-evening telly, the title of this post is a reference.)

6 thoughts on “LAMBing Live

    • In a very literal sense, looking at my stats from the past few days, it’s not had a huge impact. There’s a spike on the day I was added, but not outside the realms of other highs in the past month. Over the following days, traffic seems to be higher than average, but not far above where it normally sits. It looks to me like there’s hits from a wider array of countries than normal, but it’s hard to assess that accurately.

      Could be the impact of membership is more pronounced over time. In part, I’ve not delved into the community (yet), so can’t say what rewards may be found in being more active there.


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