The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

2013 #11
Drew Goddard | 95 mins | Blu-ray | 2.40:1 | USA / English | 15 / R

The Cabin in the WoodsCo-written by geek god Joss Whedon and former Buffy/Angel writer Drew Goddard, cabin-in-the-woods horror movie The Cabin in the Woods is as much a deconstruction, or even spoof, of the genre as an entry in it — just as you might expect from a pair with such a track record.

This means it’s one for the genre literate, proven by the reams of missed-the-point reviews on sites such as LOVEFiLM. Taken as intended, however, it’s actually very good. If you’re a fan of the horror genre, try to avoid spoilers (there are twists throughout) and just enjoy something made for you.

4 out of 5

In the interests of completing my ever-growing backlog, I decided to post ‘drabble reviews’ of some films. One day I may update with a longer piece, but at least there’s something here for posterity.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a drabble is a complete piece of writing exactly 100 words long.

Depending on your point of view, The Cabin in the Woods hails from either 2009 (the year it was shot), 2011 (the year of its copyright), or 2012 (the year it was released). Various sites side with different options; when I first started writing this IMDb listed it as 2011, but have since changed to 2012. Wasn’t it just easier when films were released and everyone agreed that’s when it was from? In the end I turned to Google, where “Cabin in the Woods 2011” produces about 8.9 million results, and “Cabin in the Woods 2012” about 11.6 million. (Incidentally, when I first ran those searches, the numbers were closer to 6m and 16m respectively.)

2 thoughts on “The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

  1. I still haven’t seen this, and I STILL haven’t had the ‘twists’ spoiled, somehow avoiding all spoilers, for which in this day and age after all this time, well, I think I merit some kind of award….


    • I am impressed, because I had some of it spoiled quite by accident. Or perhaps just thought I’d had it spoiled — what I imagined to be a big twist was actually there early on. But was still a spoiler, I think.

      Sometimes it feels such hard work knowing what to know / not know before seeing a film (and what to reveal / not reveal when reviewing) …!


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