Tom Conway as the Falcon, Part III

If you’re not familiar with the Falcon by now, may I recommend my three previous collections of reviews, in which I covered the first 10 films of RKO’s detective series.

This is, unsurprisingly, the fourth compendium. Below you can find my reviews of the final three films to star Tom Conway as the eponymous investigator.

After eight adventures with the Saint and 13 with the Falcon, you might think I’d be getting sick of them… but now that they’re done, I rather miss them. Suggestions for similar — and similarly good — series are always welcome.

5 thoughts on “Tom Conway as the Falcon, Part III

  1. The Boston Blackie films were in a similar vein. They feature a notorious, witty jewel thief solving crimes, with a comedy sidekick and easily outwitted police inspector. I’ve only ever seen the first one (‘Meet Boston Blackie’) and – although there are strong similarities – I didn’t ever find the central character quite as charming as The Saint or The Falcon. Still, might be worth a look if you are after something similar.

    Other 30s/40s B-picture detective style heroes included the Japanese secret agent – played by Peter Lorre – Mr Moto (some of which are entertaining and are, perhaps, marginally less condescending towards their central Asian character, albeit still played by a westerner). Other series, such as the Bulldog Drummond films and the Lone Wolf series I cannot vouch for at all.

    The Thin Man series is, of course, the greatest of these sorts of movies, bringing something fresh to the recurring pattern of such films. If you liked those then ‘The Mad Miss Manton’ would be worth a gander.


  2. You might like some of Tom Conway’s other films, which were strikingly similar to The Falcon series. ‘Barbados Quest’ and ‘Breakaway’ see him play private detective Tom ‘Duke’ Martin, with comedy sideklck Barney. They were basically Falcon films in all but name. He plays another private detective in ‘Park Plaza 605’, plus there’s ‘Blood Orange’ and his two Bulldog Drummond films.

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