The final end of FilmJournal…?

It looks as if may have finally shut up shop.

This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. One, this blog survived and thrived there for a number of years, so it has definite nostalgic value; most of the blogs I pay attention to were ones I discovered there, too. In terms of my personal use, I co-posted my reviews here and there for a while even after I ‘officially’ made the transition to WordPress; then I posted links there for each new review; only recently did I abandon that practice altogether, because the site seemed to be slowly fading even further.

On a still-continuing note, however, a lot of my older reviews link to the comments that were posted on them back on FilmJournal. If the site is gone, those are now lost forever. I suppose that was inevitably going to happen someday — an inactive site isn’t going to remain online indefinitely — but it’s still a shame. Some of the comments sections were nothing to write home about, but at least a few were good, solid discussions of the film(s) in question. I’d occasionally, by chance, wind up revisiting those. I’ll miss that.

And similarly, it’s thrown a bit of a spanner in the regular reposts I’ve been doing. Fortunately I have offline versions of everything I’ve blogged (or, at least, everything significant — some of the more minor editorial-type posts may have been online-only), but many of these are incorrectly formatted or have spelling, etc, errors that I’d fixed online but not on the offline versions, so I’d been basing all my reposts on the FilmJournal versions. I suppose this is a selfish concern, really: I can still go forward with reposting everything, but now it’s a bit more effort! Especially as some of the images featured in the reviews were hosted on FJ too, so I have to re-source those ‘n’ all…

Sadly, that’s kind of my overwhelming thought at FilmJournal finally going away for good (I presume). I very much enjoyed my time there, especially as the community ended the feeling that I was blogging pretty much in a vacuum; but with everyone’s gradual move away from it, I’d already “let it go” in that sense — now I’m just frustrated at the inconvenience of its final passing. Which is a shame, but there you have it.

2 thoughts on “The final end of FilmJournal…?

  1. Yes, I noticed this too. Sad, but not wholly unexpected. I think the site never had the level of technical support it merited and was allowed to stagnate and then fall into disuse.


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