Safe (2012)

2014 #77
Boaz Yakin | 85 mins* | TV | 2.35:1 | USA / English, Mandarin & Russian | 15 / R

SafeJason Statham plays a cop turned cage-fighter turned vagrant, who rescues a young girl and finds himself amidst a three-way brawl between the Triad, the Russians, and corrupt cops. They want the child for a number she’s memorised, but what is its significance?

Those are the basics of a surprisingly complex plot, albeit one sprinkled with well-handled (if unexceptional) action sequences. It at least manages some surprises, including a climax that exchanges the usual Big Fight for plot resolution, plus a nice double meaning for the title.

Intricate storyline aside, this is standard Statham fare — not bad, but not exceptional.

3 out of 5

Safe is on 5* tonight at 9pm.

In the interests of completing my ever-growing backlog, I decided to post ‘drabble reviews’ of some films. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a drabble is a complete piece of writing exactly 100 words long. You’ve just read one.

* The PAL time listed by the BBFC is 90 minutes. It must have a lot of credits or something, because on TV it runs just over 84½. ^

5 thoughts on “Safe (2012)

  1. I saw this on rental back in my Lovefilm days and quite enjoyed it. Surprised there hasn’t been a sequel really, I mean, they make sequels to EVERYTHING these days don’t they, and this looked like it deserved one.


    • Maybe they just wanted to leave the characters safe?

      Haha, yeah right. It didn’t really set the box office alight ($40m worldwide on a $30m budget, apparently), so there’s the real answer. I guess Statham will soon pop up in something so similarly action-y it may as well be a sequel, though his relationship with the girl was one of the more interesting/unique parts of this film so that’ll be a loss.


      • Yep that box-office explains it. Shame, I thought the film was a little bit different from the usual actionfest stuff. Guess that’s not what the cinema crowd are looking for.

        As an aside, just had email from Amazon, my OUATIA extended edition is in the post. Looking forward to watching it if I can only find the time… Review by Christmas (maybe!).


        • I look forward to your thoughts. I’ve been tempted to pick it up, but there seems to be an abnormally high number of desirable releases at the moment (both new and catalogue), and I doubt I’d watch it soon anyway. Plus the UK cover is foul.


        • Agree re: the cover (I opted for the steel book as the best of a bad bunch – the US digibook isn’t much better. What is it with Classic movies and poor posters/DVD covers?). Waited so long to see the extended version, although rumours persist of an even longer cut being worked on. Its like Alexander all over again… But its OUATIA so what the hell, bring it on!


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