Archive Reposts: Mop-up & More

After 14 months of dedicated effort, yesterday’s repost of my Sunrise review means I’ve finally reached the end of my archive reposts… at least as far as reviews are concerned. There are a few posts left to go until I’ve fully re-uploaded all my priceless older content, and I’ve split them into the following categories:

  • Editorials — a handful of article-like pieces and ephemera that I’ve written down the years, which I’ll be reposting next at a similar rate to reviews (i.e. aiming for one per day). There will be about 19 of these.
  • Progress reports — via 23 ‘weekly’ posts in 2007, then sporadically from 2008, and then (finally) monthly from May 2010, I shared updates on my progress. I’ll be re-posting what remains of these after the editorials are done. There are 57, so it’ll take a couple of months… though some are so short and pointless (and only being reposted because of my completist drive) that sometimes I may dump a couple per day.
  • End-of-year summaries — full lists, top tens, statistics, and all the rest for 2007 to 2010 aren’t here yet. These will be the final things to be reposted (and no doubt the most worthwhile), at a rate of one year per day.

Then, finally, after all that, I’ll finally be done, finally.

Except for…

  • Miscellaneous crap — my thorough record of everything I’ve ever posted means there are a few other bits & bobs, most of which aren’t worth re-sharing (your mileage my vary on whether that’s also true for everything else I’m reposting). For instance, this includes the first time I had to repost all of 2007 — no one needs that recapping again, again. Any that I deem I want to keep online, for whatever reason, are in with the editorials; the rest shall disappear into the ether.

…but as I’m not reposting those, it’s not really an “except for”, is it? Anyway…

As you can see, it actually adds up to quite a few posts (84, to be exact), but it should still all be over sometime in November. As my goal was to get the reposting finished before 2016 started, that makes me happy.

Also, I shall be calling it the “repostathon”, because why not?

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