12 months. 100 films. Hopefully.

My task is simple: to watch at least 100 films that I’ve never seen before between January 1st and December 31st every year. This blog documents that endeavour, with reviews of every film, monthly progress reports, yearly summaries and statistics, and more.

By “films that I’ve never seen before”, I mean feature films, defined the same way they do for the Oscars: anything over 40 minutes. I also review any short films I see, but they don’t count towards my main list. The same goes for alternate versions of films I’ve already seen (director’s cuts, unrated cuts, that kind of thing), unless they significantly alter the original work.

If you’re interested in a starting point, there’s always my most recent reviews, or you can find out how things are going in my latest progress reports. I have a back catalogue of over 2,000 reviews, which I list both alphabetically and by director.

You can also follow me on Twitter, on Letterboxd, and on Instagram, and subscribe to new posts via email or through your WordPress account at the top right of this page. Comments, suggestions, corrections, and all other such forms of communication are welcomed too.

Thanks for visiting!

100 Films in a Year is written by Mr Richard Nelson esq., aka badblokebob (don’t ask). (I mean, you can ask, but the answer’s not that interesting.) Feel free to address him as Richard, Rich, Richie, Mr Nelson, Bob, bbb, Mr Badbloke, or pretty much anything else you choose. But not Dick. That’s just rude.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I like what I’ve seen of the site so far. I also Set yearly goals of watching movies and it was refreshing to see I’m not alone. I just started watching 120 that are released each year.


    • I haven’t done a blogathon for a while, now I think about it, but I am still open to participating! Thanks for the invitation, but unfortunately I’m away in December so won’t be able to take part.


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