Hello, Dolly! (1969)

2007 #52
Gene Kelly | 139 mins | DVD | U / G

Hello, Dolly!Comedians Walter Matthau and Michael Crawford (yes, Frank Spencer!) star alongside Barbra Streisand in this comedy musical directed by Gene Kelly (yes, the star of many a musical himself!) which flopped at the box office but did well at the Oscars, and has gained in popularity since.

The best bits are the very impressive dancing waiters at Harmonia Gardens, although some of the more amusing songs are worth seeing. It’s this tongue-in-cheek, sometimes-silly tone that stops it seeming too dated, although other elements of its style (and the running time) don’t help.

Surely a must-see for musical fans, though others may not be as engaged.

3 out of 5

Hello, Dolly! is on Movie Mix today, Thursday 9th July 2015, at 6:05pm.