2007 | Weeks 21-23

This time I do see Spider-Man 3! But not Zodiac, mainly because I can’t be bothered and I’m quite happy to catch it on DVD. Plus, Pirates 3 is long out now, and if you think I’m going to be foolish enough to brave the cinema to see a film of that popularity in its opening week when that week is also half term then you’ve got another thing coming! This period is also affected by exams and the beginning of Script Frenzy.

Talking of exams, I had my film exam on May 30th, which should in theory have meant a glut of films from the course or related to the course just before that. Well, there’s Chinatown… and there would’ve been Only You but the sound wouldn’t play… on my Mac anyway… and how about Die Hard and Once Upon a Time in the West (seen them before)… or connected films such as The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, Easy Rider, The French Connection, The Godfather, Jurassic Park, Predator, Dirty Dancing, The Fifth Element, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Star Wars or Once Upon a Time in America? Well, I can tell you for nothing that I’ve seen some of them before. As for the others… you’ll just have to see… or not…

Actually, this entry has wound up covering a longer period than I initially thought (though not as long as it nearly did). Mainly cos it turned out I didn’t (and haven’t) watched many films since those pesky exams finished. I’m not sure why, to be honest.

I’m slowly making my way past the halfway mark in numbers, and slowly heading towards it in time. This period covers the three weeks from May 21st to June 10th.

#53 West Side Story

#54 Spider-Man 3

#55 Chinatown

#56 Road to Morocco

#57 It’s All Gone Pete Tong

2007 | Weeks 19-20

In which I don’t see Spider-Man 3, because I don’t care enough to brave the huge opening weekend crowds (and it’s not meant to be very good anyway). Just one in a list of films I’ve missed at the cinema this year anyway (300, Sunshine, The Fountain, The Illusionist, Ghost Rider, Shooter, TMNT…), though I do intend to see it there soon. And Zodiac‘s out now too! And Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is surprisingly close! And…

Oh, summer. How you sequelise us. Now there’s a new word for you.

Also this month, I watch some stuff via free downloads — legal ones too! Check out LOVEFiLM for those, including proper features such as Super Size Me and The Cooler (as well as many more… if you pay). [2015 edit: LOVEFiLM streaming is, of course, now Amazon Instant Video.]

This time, I also came up with a way of listing Extended-Cuts-That-Aren’t-Much-Different without adversely affecting my numbering system. I’ll also use the same system to list short films that I watch.

As usual, before we embark on the reviews, I shall inform you that this period covers the middle of May, from the 7th to the 20th.

#49 March of the Penguins

#49a Spider-Man 2.1

#50 Ray

#51 Over the Hedge

#52 Hello, Dolly!

#52a-d Four short films

2007 | Weeks 15-18

After a glut of movies during the middle of the holiday things have slowed down a tad again. I say “a tad” — you can see how much by the sheer volume of weeks included in this entry and the relatively sparse number of films! (To be technical, the average-films-per-week in this entry is 1.75, compared to 2.72 overall and 6 (yes, 6!) last time.)

Nonetheless, things are progressing, and overall I’m still on track to make it well past the 100 mark. That’s from the overall average mind, not from the one for this period. From that I’ll make it to about 90. Maybe I should worry… except that summer movie season is on the way! Plenty of new films there. Plus all the ones I’ve recently missed out on DVD.

Well, that sure is shiny.

This time, I break my self-imposed rule about the length of reviews to witter on about Hidden for double the time. I also didn’t watch a single new film in week sixteen (Three Colours Red fell right at the end of week fifteen, Hidden a little way into week seventeen). And I’ve nearly hit the halfway point, a third of the way through the year. Oh my!

For anyone who may be trying to keep track, this period covers nearly all of April — from the 9th to the 30th, in fact — plus pretty much the first week of May (up to the 6th). That’s basically a month. Well well well…

#42 Three Colours: Red

#43 Hidden (Caché)

#44 Casanova

#45 Garden State

#46 Breathless

#47 Bonnie and Clyde

#48 Stormbreaker