September 2010

And lo, in the 9th month of the 10th year, I didst see 11 new films, and one of them was

Number One-Hundred

Excuse me while I do a little victory dance.

After last year’s failure (not sure if I’ve mentioned that?) it feels very, very nice to reach my goal with several months to spare. Indeed, I’m almost drawing equal with my most successful year, 2007, when I reached 100 in early September (and 104 in early October, hence why I’m not that far behind).

“What were those final 11 films?” I hear you cry in the desperate thirst for knowledge. Well, dear reader, I happen to have a handy list right here:

#90 Bhaji on the Beach (1993)
#91 The Band Wagon (1953)
#92 Force of Evil (1948)
#93 Brigadoon (1954)
#94 The History Boys (2006)
#95 Gigi (1958)
#96 Robin Hood: Director’s Cut (2010)
#97 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996)
#98 It Happened Here (1965)
#99 Hercules (1997)
#100 The Hurt Locker (2008)

So, what next?

My goal’s achieved — no more new films ’til January 2011!

Ha, not bloody likely. I may not push myself quite so hard now — I’ve got a pile of reviews to catch up on and the Battlestar Galactica box set calls to me again — but I also have another target in mind:

In 2007 I made it to 129 films, so naturally I’d love to get to 130.

It’s a pretty doable aim, too — I just have to keep my current rate up. I’ve averaged 11.1 films per month so far this year, which if continued would see me up to 133(.3) films this year. And in fact, if you took out my incongruously weak worst month (April, with 3 films), that average jumps a whole film to 12.1, which would mean 136(.3) films this year.

But that’s all theoretical and entirely unrelated to real life, of course. So we’ll see. If I don’t make 130 I won’t be too upset — just one more film and this will be my second-best year so far, and I reckon I can manage that much in three months! — but it gives me something else to aim at for now.

Next time on the all-new 100 Films in a Year monthly update…

The afterlife of 100 Films in a Year. As it were.

Which does not mean a month of death-themed films, no no no. But rather, how far will I reach in the first instalment of my three-part quest to reach…

130 Films in a Year!

It’s halfway through 2009!

“But it’s September!” I hear you cry in response to my patently ludicrous title. “That’s not halfway through the year by any reasonable measure!” No, it isn’t — but it is (if you haven’t already guessed) the point at which I’ve seen 50 new films in 2009 (at last!); the halfway mark (obviously) of my annual goal. Yep, I’m more behind than Usain Bolt running in the wrong direction.

But still, I’ve had my reasons, and thankfully most of them are done with (cheerio dissertation!) Now I intend to launch a concerted effort to make up the remaining 50 and hit 100 before the year’s out, an aim I’ve yet to fail. (To be fair, I’ve only tried twice.)

But you know what they say about good intentions — they litter the path to not having seen enough films in a year.

2007 | Weeks 37-40

This entry we move right from the start of September on into October — under three months of the year left!

As I mentioned last time, my eight-day trip to New York has brought about the first multi-week entry in almost two months; couple that with moving in to a new place and all the associated sorting, plus having almost two weeks’ worth of TV to catch up on (and that taking up most of my viewing time), plus starting my final year at University, and this is a four-weeker. Actually, it’s pretty much a one-weekender — I didn’t watch a new film until Thursday 4th.

And so, following that ‘accidental’ almost-four-week break, I’m finally getting on with moving past the aim of 100 and into the grounds of “let’s see how far I can get”. This entry I make it to… well, read on and see for yourself.

It’s an all-action extravaganza this entry, with no less than four films with a distinctly violent centre. But don’t think it’s all the same, oh no no — between them they cover several continents, even more countries, and spread out from the ancient past to the distant (or, at least, alternate) future, via the present day of course. There are spears, swords, guns and fists causing pain left, right and centre… and a few more unusual objects too. If you thought “action movie” meant endless bullets and slow motion… well, it does tend to involve at least one of those… but still, have a look and see that there is room for some variety.

We begin with what will likely be the first in an on/off series I like to call “Films From This Year That I Missed At The Cinema And Am Finally Seeing When They Hit DVD”… though this one’s technically from 2006. But it didn’t arrive over here until March 2007, so, y’know, it still counts.

#101 300

#102 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

#103 Transporter 2

#104 Miracles

2007 | Week 36

While I’ve managed to keep things to single-week entries for a fair while now, I suspect it’ll be back to double-weekers for at least next week. I’m off to New York for eight days, y’see (also explaining why this entry is ever so slightly earlier than usual), and my film watching is likely to be minimal. Though there’s a cinema right near the apartment, so you never know. Maybe I’ll finally see The Bourne Ultimatum

This week is an unusually short one. Normally I’d just carry it over into the next entry, but one very important thing stops me…

I’ve reached 100!

Hurrah! And, as predicted, I’m there well before the end of the year! In fact, there’s only just shy of a third of it left, meaning that my average viewing has me hitting 145 by year’s end. Quite a bit more than 100, clearly. Of course, the spacious summer weeks are now giving way to term time work, so quite how well that whole average thing will work out is another matter entirely.

But, for now — 100! Whoo! And I specially picked a pretty momentous film to view in celebration of the achievement. In film terms, you’d struggle to find any more significant than… well, read on, and you’ll see…

#99 Starter for Ten

#100 Citizen Kane

2007 | Week 35

As you may remember from last week, this is technically Week 34 Days 5-7 and Week 35; and I bet no one would’ve remembered if I hadn’t said. For a 10-day week I haven’t watched a great deal of films, though (as explained last week) there have been reasons. Nonetheless, the four I have watched leave me only two short of the long awaited number 100!

But that’s for next week. So, here are those four films, each from a different decade, across almost 60 years no less.

#95 Before Sunrise

#96 Before Sunset

#97 A Study in Scarlet

#98 Great Expectations